3 Things to know about Costa Rica forest excursions

in Arenal Hills

The Costa Rican rainforests are home to about 100 different species of plants. Colorful, giant-sized, and brilliant orchids spill out from the tree barks, nourished by the fresh air, rain, and moisture in the soil. You may also notice howler monkeys, fer-de-lance snakes, sloths, and toucans while venturing into the depths of the forests. Whether you want to explore the pristine jungles of the Arenal region or the remote forests of Osa Peninsula or Manuel Antonio, this Central American country has it all. So, if you are planning a Costa Rica forest excursion, here are three things you must know:

1. Jungle Tours

Though the rainforests of Costa Rica have thick undergrowth, there are hiking trails for young adventure seekers who want to get close to nature. Hire a guide to learn more about the rich Costa Rican flora and fauna and spot diverse species of wild animals on your way. You can also take a cruise trip or jungle kayak to explore the unspoiled beauty of the verdant forests. A trip along the mangrove canals will surprise you with wading birds foraging for food in the swamps, and sometimes they may gather in flocks of thousands delighting tourists and vacationers. Avoid taking a motorboat if you want to spot some of the more ‘uncommon’ animals of the tropical forests.

2. Plant Life and Flowers

The rainforests of Costa Rica are home to a variety of plants that are accented with bright orchids and beautiful flowers. One of the common flowering plants is the large red, yellow, or orange heliconia. If you love orchids, these forests have them in abundance, mesmerizing tourists with their colors and vibrancy. The tropical forests boast a large number of these orchids and bromeliad species. When your guide identifies the Guanacaste tree, take a picture in front of it— it is the national tree of Costa Rica.

3. Skywalk Tours

Want to explore a rainforest from the top? Go for a walk among the jungle’s high treetops. You might be wondering how. When biologists learned that about 90 percent of forest animals thrive in the canopies above and away from human intrusion, suspension bridges were built to study and explore the mysterious creatures high up. The skywalk tour includes a two to three-hour excursion on six hanging bridges in the town of Monteverde. Spanning across drainages and canyons, these bridges can accommodate up to 12 tourists at a time.

Rainforest excursions in Costa Rica come in different forms. If you are exploring the Arenal region, make the most out of your vacation by opting for horseback riding, hiking, or taking a canopy zipline tour in the jungles. A one-time or short visit is not enough to discover the many mysteries of the place. You need to stay here and make it your second home. We have excellent villas at Arenal Hills that embody the essence of contemporary living set in a rustic backdrop. Our luxury single-family villas even offer spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano. Call us at 1-844-MY-HILLS to find out more about Arenal Hills.

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