in Arenal Hills

Bon appétit

In addition to the two restaurants you will be able to frequent at Arenal Hills once Club Vida is complete and the five you can visit now at The Springs Resort and Spa, there are over 100 restaurants in nearby La Fortuna. Plus, there are many high-end restaurants open to the public at nearby hotels and resorts, while smaller, local traditional restaurants are scattered throughout the town. But don’t think local means just Costa Rican fare. Among the many “sodas” serving local specialties are restaurants offering international cuisine, including Italian, Mexican, Caribbean, Japanese, and farm-to-fork fine dining. You can even have a pizza delivered right to your door if that’s what you’re craving.

Your Own Private Chef

Chef Arthuro Paniagua, head chef of Casa Paniagua, offers residents and guests of Arenal Hills an in-home private dining experience like no other. His signature dishes are an inventive interpretation of Costa Rican and international cuisine. They feature meticulously procured local, fresh and available ingredients, many of which are grown in the Chef’s own personal garden. Dishes include starters like mango salads and pumpkin, ginger, and lemongrass soup, mains such as sea bass in papillote and coconut mango shrimp, and desserts such as peanut butter flan and tropical chia pudding.

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