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The Greatest Outdoors

Arenal Hills is in the northern highlands of Costa Rica, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. It’s a place travel writers love to cover, and eco-tourists return to again and again. There is much to see, do and enjoy within minutes of the gates of Arenal Hills.

Tropical Plants of Costa Rica

La Fortuna

La Fortuna is literally translated as “The Fortunate” due to its history of surviving lava flows and is known today as the gateway to Arenal Volcano National Park. Arenal Volcano is still active, while its sister volcano Chato is not. Chato Volcano has a crater lake and rainforest trails leading to La Fortuna Waterfall, famed for its large natural pool and stories-high tumble from the mountainside. La Fortuna also offers all the day-to-day conveniences and retail shops and services you need.


La Fortuna’s main attractions are its natural ones. Here, you can explore the rainforest canopy on a hanging bridge, soother your senses in a healing, natural hot spring, fly on a zip line, rappel down waterfalls, or whitewater raft your way down thermal Tabacón River. Of course, the crowning glory is the one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular volcanos, the Arenal Volcano. She stands at 5,358 feet and offers great options for hiking at both Arenal Volcano National Park and the nearby Arenal 1968 Trail.

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