Filled with lush rainforests, towering mountains, sparkling streams and picturesque coastlines, living in Costa Rica is a gorgeous and peaceful getaway for residents, expats and visitors.

Those visiting for vacation or staying for a season often fall in love with the gorgeous surroundings and decide to stay. For those wishing to stay in this paradise, Arenal Hills is among the most attractive and accessible locations in Costa Rica. With open lots available in Arenal Hills, you can now build your dream home surrounded by the picturesque paradise of the tropics. Costa Rica Land Capital Partners offers a wealth of information to give you an inside look at what it’s like living in Costa Rica and what you can expect when you make your home here. Whether you are seeking a new home and moving to the country permanently, you are looking for a gorgeous vacation home in the tropics or an affordable and extraordinary place to retire to, you will find everything you are looking for and more in Arenal Hills in Costa Rica.

Arenal Hills Front Gate Redering

Arenal Hills is located in Central Costa Rica near the city of La Fortuna and the famous Arenal Volcano. The tropical climate, rich and beautiful surroundings and prosperous cities in Central Costa Rica draw thousands of visitors and expats every year. Central Costa Rica is among the most popular places to settle, with many scenic communities, beautiful resorts and luxurious spas. Nestled amongst the forests, rivers and mountains, Arenal Hills offers a captivating backdrop to a relaxing lifestyle. It is close to a wide range of both relaxing pastimes and exciting adventures, with something for everyone in your family.

Thanks to its warm climate, welcoming cities, wealth of exotic wildlife and much more, Central Costa Rica has become a hotspot for retirees and seasonal vacationers seeking a paradise landscape unlike the continental U.S. Costa Rica offers a peaceful and beautiful place to retire that is unlike anywhere else.

Additionally, the costs of living are very affordable compared to many retirement locations in the U.S. Costa Rica is among the most well-organized and prosperous of the nations in the tropics, with a focus on tourism and international travel. Its many forests and natural wildlife are protected, with more parks and natural wildlife preserves than any other country.

Costa Rica is largely a quiet, scenic and peaceful nation, with a high quality of living and strong infrastructure that makes adjusting to international living easy. The government and other offices ensure tourists and citizens receive all essential services in a quick and efficient manner. With many airports flying internationally nearly across the world and clear, well-maintained roads connecting them, Costa Rica is easy to travel, both inside and outside.

Costa Rica Nearby River Burro

When living in Arenal Hills, there are many exciting activities to take part and many relaxing retreats to enjoy. Central Costa Rica is only a short drive from the Caribbean Sea to the east or the Pacific Ocean to the west. Both waters are temperate and clear, filled with schools of exotic tropical fish and coral reefs. Coastal towns on the Pacific or on the Caribbean offer fishing charters, sailing tours and snorkeling trips to explore these gorgeous waters. Take a weekend trip on the coast and find your own corner of the beach to relax in or explore the vast waters sailing, scuba diving, fishing and more. If you prefer inland excursions, Central Costa Rica provides endless opportunities for adventures of all kinds.

Rivers threaded across the rainforests provide canoeing and fishing waters, as well as white water rapid tours. Paths and trails through the forests take you through many of the most exotic and beautiful forests in the hemisphere, with animals, insects and reptiles found in no other place on earth. The diverse elevation creates complex cliffs and caverns that attract more adventurous residents and tourists. Bungee jumping gives you an exhilarating rush while cave diving ensures a meditated and intriguing tour through shimmering chasms. Tours of the canopy will show you hundreds of vibrant and exotic birds including vivid red macaws, bellbirds, toucans and more.

Costa Rica’s climate is warm year-round, giving visitors and residents the sunny, tropical surroundings of a paradise at any time. Whether you are looking for a truly unique, relaxing and exotic escape from everyday stress and anxiety or you seek to permanently relocate to this delightful retreat, you will find your home at Arenal Hills. Living amongst other American visitors and expats you will find it easy to make new friends with your neighbors and get acquainted with the nearby town. Under the tropical sun and surrounded by the beautiful forest you will find that Costa Rica offers a lifestyle unlike any other. Call today to learn more about Arenal Hills and to start building your dream home in paradise.