Bringing a community like Arenal Hills out of the ground takes a team able to see decades into the future, when this community will be synonymous with what luxury living in Costa Rica is all about. Whether building the first home, or putting the final touches on the final one, each has a place predetermined for where it will fit into this lovingly preserved landscape, which amenities will offer the greatest enjoyment, and how natural features are not only enhanced, but showcased.

Florida-based Costa Rica Land Capital Partners has joined with the most elite designers and craftsmen of Costa Rica, to craft the community, the Club Vida, and the villa homes. Their attention to detail is unparalleled, which is evident throughout the villa homes and ultimately throughout the community itself.

The total number of planned villa homes in Arenal Hills is 199 that complement the 500,000 m2, or approximately 123 acres, that Arenal Hills occupies. They designed homes with a relatively small footprint for a structure of the quality found at Arenal Hills. They built in sustainable building components like marble countertops and washbasins, as well as extensive use of native hardwood, eliminating the need to import exotic materials from aboard.

The site plan was oriented so every home would frame a view of the Arenal Volcano. They also buried all power lines as well as pathways for sewer and other services, giving residents and unobstructed look at this dominating feature in the Arenal landscape.
The community plan features some of the most sought-after community amenities from the finest resorts around the world—private resort clubhouses, lakeside restaurant, an equestrian center, and more.

Even with all these amenities, the environment is always top of mind in this community’s master plan. Golf carts rather than cars are driven inside the manned entrance’s parking lot. This makes it possible to utilize narrower pathways made of natural materials rather than two-laned roads paved with asphalt.
With Phase 1 now underway, Arenal Hills will be built in four phases, with amenities coming online as early as 2019. Build out of all four phases is anticipated by 2025.




1 km south of the public school of Tres Esquinas.
Tres Esquinas, Los Ángeles de La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica.


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