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Income-Producing Potential.

Arenal Hills, Costa Rica’s premier vacation home development overlooking the famous Arenal Volcano, also offers a VIP Rental Program to participating villa owners. The Arenal area is one of the most travelled and active vacation areas for all visitors to Costa Rica. Therefore, the demand for rental homes, apartments and rooms far exceeds their availability. Arenal Hills anticipates the opportunity for our villa owners to receive additional income through our rental program for intermittent periods throughout the year. Participation in the VIP Rental Program can offer a competitive return on the investment you make to purchase your villa. All villas are completely furnished with high quality commercial grade furnishings to accommodate the high demand we expect through our program.

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Costa Rica, and Arenal Hills is one of Costa Rica’s most desirable destinations for tourists and digital nomads from all over the world.  Plus, demand for seasonal rentals (November through April) far outstrips the supply available.  In May of 2019, Costa Rica’s beach and tourist towns, like La Fortuna where Arenal Hills is located, had a single-family housing supply of 5,490 homes.  Fast forward to May of 2022, and that inventory is down to 1,840 homes. That’s a 45 percent drop. It doesn’t mean less people are coming to Costa Rica.  On the contrary, last year, Costa Rica welcomed 1,347,055 tourists, which amounts to 50 percent more than arrivals in 2019, are reported in the Tico Times.

Right now, it’s a buyer’s market that has the potential for low risk and big gains.  Many owners in Costa Rica who purchased just a few short years ago have seen their property value double or triple in a short period of time.  According to the CIA World Fact Book, market due to temporary global liquidity and spending shortages.  Land investment in Costa Rica has experienced gains of 30 percent per year for the last ten years. Plus, property taxes are extremely low and can be anywhere from one to 25 percent of a property’s assessed value.

Equally important, when you invest in a single-family style villa home at Costa Rica, our on-site community concierge will vet all of your rental guests, provide concierge services to them during their stay, collect fees, and ready your property for the next arrival.  We have a team of property maintenance and landscape professionals on-site daily to make sure your Arenal Hills home is always picture-perfect and ready to delight its occupants.

Participating in this program is voluntary. It is also turnkey. Arenal Hills Rental & Management Company will manage all aspects of soliciting, leasing, accounting and taxes, insurance, and legal registrations, for all owners of villas participating in our VIP Rental Program.

For more information contact Ana Guerrero, Rental Program Manager, at

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