Try a Trication in Costa Rica

If your idea of fun is running, biking and swimming more than a hundred miles in a day, chances are you aren’t going to lay on a beach somewhere when it’s time to unwind. Costa Rica is the perfect option for those who want to train hard and unwind even harder.

A new trend among triathletes, trications give them the opportunity to train in breathtaking environments, acclimate to new elevations, and enjoy a healthy mix of activity and relaxation. Many training “camps” throughout Costa Rica offer such getaways, usually lasting between four and seven days. Most are all-inclusive and can accommodate the fitness levels of just about any elite athlete. All are fully supported by coaches and support staff.

For those who choose to make the move to Costa Rica and train year-round, Arenal Hills is the perfect jumping off point to any training routine. From mountain biking to a couple-hour swim on Lake Arenal to scaling and then rappelling down a rainforest waterfall, Arenal Hills is located at the heart of trication paradise.

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